Connected drivers - a public attitude survey 31 Dec 2015

Connected car

The equivalent of flight mode for cars?

Three in five drivers would be happy to use a ‘vehicle safe mode’ on their mobile phones and other electronic devices they bring into their car in order to avoid being distracted.

Drivers are increasingly connected to the outside world, both through in-built vehicle technology and also the portable devices they bring with them to the driving seat, including: mobiles, smart phones and watches, tablets and computers.

But the ever increasing array of technology means the risk of driver-distraction is also increasing.

However a survey by Ipsos MORI for the RAC Foundation shows the British public - drivers or not – recognise that connected technology has the potential to harm as well as help. More than two-thirds (69%) see information received from outside the car as a possible distraction to safe driving.

Three-fifths (60%) of drivers say they would be happy to use a safe mode which would prevent such devices and systems doing anything to distract them.

This same group of people were shown a list of seventeen connected driving features and asked which they would consider important when buying a car. The top choices were: 

1)      Information about the condition of the car (85%)

2)      Live traffic/congestion alerts (81%)

3)      Sat navs (79%)

Some 9% considered online gaming to be important, which came bottom of the list.

More generally, the bulk (77%) of the British public say that technology makes life better.

Three in five (61%) of drivers say they are interested in connected driving technologies.