Council parking revenue in Wales 2015-1617 Nov 2016

Parking profits in Wales up for third year running

Local authorities in Wales made a combined surplus – or ‘profit’ – of £13.8 million on their parking activities in the last financial year.

The figure for 2015-16 was a 14% increase on the £12.1 million surplus made in 2014-15.

Between them, the 22 councils in Wales had parking income of £35.8 million in 2015-16, a rise of 5.6% on the previous financial year. Income includes on- and off-street parking charges and penalty charges.

Total expenditure on running parking activities was £22 million, a 0.9% increase on the previous financial year.

The total surplus is the difference between the income and expenditure figures.

The rise in surplus is the third annual increase in a row and a 60% increase on the figure for 2012-13 (£8.6 million).