On the move: car and rail travel trends03 Dec 2012

Making sense of car & train travel trends in Britain


How much are we travelling as a nation? More to the point, who is travelling? What changes have there been over time? What might happen in the future? These fundamental questions are addressed in On the Move, written for the RAC Foundation, the Office of Rail Regulation, Independent Transport Commission and Transport Scotland by a research team led by Professor Peter Jones at University College London.

The work reveals some fascinating trends between 1997 and 2010, including:

  • driving licence holding amongst women has grown by 14%
  • driving licence holding amongst young men (20-29) fell by 13%
  • company car mileage fell by 50%

Once company car mileage is excluded, then those aged 30 and over outside London actually increased their car mileage right up to the 2007 recession. This group accounts for 70% of the British adult population.

The report and supporting documentation can be found at the bottom of the page. To view the varied picture across Britain, click on the map below: