DriveFit 2.0

About this project

Project Background

The DriveFit 2.0 initiative builds upon the success of the original DriveFit intervention, an acclaimed pre-driver education intervention that garnered recognition for its innovative approach to improving road safety among young and novice drivers. This initiative was developed as part of the Pre-driver Theatre and Workshop Education Research (PdTWER) project.

With road traffic injuries being a leading cause of death among 5–29-year-olds globally, and young drivers in Great Britain representing a significant portion of serious road incidents, the need for impactful educational interventions has never been more critical.

Project Purpose

DriveFit 2.0 is dedicated to advancing road safety education for young road users in Great Britain and addresses the critical issue of the disproportionate involvement of 17-24-year-olds in road collisions and incidents in Great Britain.

Traditional road safety education methods have fallen short in effectively engaging and educating this at-risk demographic. This programme of research redesigns the DriveFit intervention for easier delivery, evaluates its impact with our Fire and Rescue Service partners, and will share programme findings to improve road safety education nationwide.

Project aim and approach

Our primary goal is to redesign and enhance the DriveFit road safety intervention to improve the attitudes and intentions of pre-drivers, ultimately contributing to a reduction in road collisions and incidents among this demographic. Our approach involves:

  • Redesigning the DriveFit intervention to facilitate easier delivery within school and college settings, incorporating active learning components alongside the original film content.
  • Conducting a small-scale effectiveness and process evaluation with the support of two Fire and Rescue Services, to measure the intervention’s impact on students’ attitudes and intentions.
  • Disseminating the findings to key stakeholders in road safety, enabling informed decision-making and broader adoption of effective road safety interventions.

Project Timescales

The DriveFit 2.0 project is structured over a 17-month period, commencing in February 2024 and concluding in July 2025. The initial phase focuses on the redesign and adaptation of the DriveFit intervention, followed by a pilot phase in select schools and colleges. The evaluation period, involving pre- and post-intervention assessments, will span several months to ensure comprehensive data collection and analysis. The final phase will concentrate on the dissemination of findings and the preparation of resources for broader implementation.

Project partners & funding

DriveFit 2.0 is made possible through the funding, collaboration and support of various partners, including the Road Safety Trust, National Fire Chiefs Council, Road Safety GB, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. Educational institutions and local authorities across the UK are also key partners, facilitating the implementation of the program.

Latest project updates

March 2024

A promotional film outlining the DriveFit 2.0 project has been released:


To find out more see the following press notice.

Updated: 06 Mar 2024