• Delivering a connected future for motoring 07 Apr 2024

    Around two-thirds of Britain’s most common type of public chargepoint suffer limited mobile signal connectivity. Failure to design public chargepoints to work around Britain’s patchy mobile sig
  • Is it necessary to reduce car mileage to meet our carbon emission goals? 27 Feb 2023

    The reduction in total carbon emissions from cars necessary to meet the UK’s climate change goals could be achieved without drivers travelling less overall but would require big changes in other are
  • Plug-in vehicle fact sheet 28 Dec 2022

    See how many plug-in cars, vans and taxis there are on the UK's roads and how many public charge points are available with this fact sheet. More information on which vehicles are on the road can be fo
  • An electrifying trip around Scotland 13 Dec 2020

    The North Coast 500 is a circular drive through the wild and remote beauty of the Scottish Highlands. It attracts visitors from around the world, but can it be done on electric power only? The answ
  • Ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars - response to the DfT consultation 31 Jul 2020

    The RAC Foundation has said that from a legislative point of view government can choose whatever date it likes to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars but that the nearer that date is the greate
  • EV fuel costs for a set journey 26 Feb 2020

    The fuel costs of driving a battery-electric car over a set distance can vary by as much as nine times depending when and where the vehicle is recharged. RAC Foundation analysis shows overnight cha
  • Development of the UK public chargepoint network 10 Dec 2018

    Widespread confusion over how fast electric vehicles can be ‘refuelled’ could be undermining efforts to provide an adequate public chargepoint network. The latest battery-only cars need only fi
  • Scrappage for equality 29 Aug 2018

    Around 31,400 of those living in the most income deprived areas of Greater London who use the 'most polluting' cars (i.e. those held not to be compliant with Ultra-Low Emission entry standards) to com
  • The impact of introducing E10 petrol 23 Jul 2018

    Please note that more information on whether a vehicle is E10 compatible is available on the website. Hundreds of thousands of cars in Great Britain are currently E10 incompatible. An
  • Scottish chargepoint usage 2017 20 Dec 2017

    The use of electric vehicle charge points in Scotland has increased by 43% in a year. Charge points across the country were used 37,433 times during August 2017, compared with 26,119 times in the same month a year earlier.
  • MOToring Along 16 Nov 2017

    Research for the RAC Foundation has added weight to the argument that scrapping the oldest cars owned by people living in towns and cities would have a negligible effect on air quality. Unique
  • Ultra-low emission vehicle infrastructure 28 Sep 2017

    Potential purchasers of electric cars tempted by the benefits of quickly-improving battery capacity might still hesitate if the public charge point network doesn’t keep pace with changing
  • Early start of London ULEZ - TfL consultation response 23 Jun 2017

    Lorries that do not comply with the proposed early introduction of the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone should be subject to a sliding scale of penalties that increase over time.
  • Improving air quality - Defra/DfT consultation response 23 Jun 2017

    Ministers should consider launching a 'grand challenge' competition to encourage innovators to come up with technical solutions on how the dirtiest diesel cars and vans could be cleaned up.
  • Electric cars - BEIS consultation response 12 Apr 2017

    The RAC Foundation believes that there are four key barriers to the development of the UK's electric vehicle market: retail, range, recharging, residual value.
  • Could a targeted diesel scrappage scheme work? 06 Mar 2017

    A diesel scrappage scheme aimed at taking the most polluting cars off the road is likely to be costly and ineffective.
  • Road transport and air pollution - where are we now? 22 Dec 2016

    Follow up report by Ricardo Energy & Environment to their 2014 work on air quality for the RAC Foundation.
  • Would a national diesel scrappage scheme work? 11 Apr 2016

    A scrappage scheme aimed at removing the dirtiest diesel cars from the roads would have to be on a huge scale to have any significant effect.
  • Charge point availability on strategic roads 12 Feb 2016

    Seventy service stations on England’s motorway network now have electric vehicle charge points. This equates to 72% of the 97 total.
  • Air quality and road transport 04 Jun 2014

    Ministers should consider introducing a new scrappage scheme aimed at taking the oldest and most polluting diesel cars off the road, argues the RAC Foundation.
  • M1 mandatory speed limit - Highways England consultation response 14 Feb 2014

    The Highways Agency has proposed that a maximum mandatory speed limit of 60 mph be imposed on sections of the M1 (and also the M3, though this is subject to a separate consultation) to help improve ai
  • Powering ahead: future of low-carbon cars and fuels 22 Apr 2013

    Sales of electric cars are set to fall far short of official expectations. The Committee on Climate Change has previously said it would be "feasible and desirable" to have up to 1.7 million fully
  • Easy on the Gas: The potential of eco-driving 19 Oct 2012

    High fuel prices, squeezed budgets, reliant on using their car – this is what many households, particularly lower income ones, are having to put up with.
  • The Green Charge: 2011 FCC analysis 28 Mar 2012

    For the second year running the RAC Foundation was one of the sponsors of the RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge, entering a Delta Motorsport E4 (see video on the right) and the Lightning GT.
  • Going green: local authorities and the eco-car drive 04 Nov 2011

    Only a third of councils surveyed by the RAC Foundation say they have installed public charging points for electric vehicles, and the promotion of green vehicles varies significantly between local
  • Shades of Green 06 May 2011

    The 2010 Future Car Challenge - organised by the Royal Automobile Club - was a landmark event, showcasing as it did 61 low-carbon vehicles in a drive from Brighton to London.
  • Green cars for the mass market 17 Jan 2011

    The Committee on Climate Change estimates that we will need 1.7 million plug-in electric vehicles on the road by 2020 if we are to have any hope of meeting our obligations under the Climate Change
  • High speed rail - an update 20 Dec 2010

    Ministers in the coalition government are still four-square behind High Speed Rail despite growing concerns that the money could be better spent on other transport schemes.
  • Low carbon vehicle technology 17 Mar 2010

    It is now widely accepted that human actitivities are contributing to, and accelerating, the pace of climate change through the release of greenhouse gases (GHGs), predominantly CO2.
  • High speed rail 30 Oct 2009

    It has been hailed as the green way to travel by each of the major political parties and if given the go-ahead will cost tens of billions of pounds to build.
  • Carbon prices 30 Mar 2009

    Inconsistent and unfair.