• Joining the data dots to reduce road deaths 07 Feb 2024

    Greater sharing of collision data and medical information about crash victims could lead to a much better understanding of the causes and the costs – human and financial - of death and injury on the
  • Empowering young drivers with road safety education 16 Nov 2023

    Using ‘shock and tell’ tactics to teach teenagers about the risks associated with driving does little to improve safety and may actually make things worse. Traditional attempts to use ‘threat
  • Changes to the MOT system - response to the DfT consultation 27 Mar 2023

    The RAC Foundation has shared its concerns about plans to change the date at which a car is first subjected to an MOT test from three years to four years. Our analysis suggests there will be only m
  • Rural road segmentation research 01 Mar 2023

    A much better understanding of what exactly a ‘rural road’ is could help cut the number of people killed and seriously injured on them each year. That is a conclusion of a study for the RAC Fou
  • Speed offence detection and disposal 2021 30 Jan 2023

    Please note that unlike previous versions of this annual report the data is presented by calendar year rather than financial year given an apparent change in the way it is published by the Home Office
  • Supporting new drivers in Great Britain 14 Oct 2022

    A report by TRL – Supporting New Drivers in Great Britain – for the RAC Foundation and the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has reinforced the case for graduated driver licensing (GDL) to keep new drivers,
  • Road collision investigation project: Development of taxonomies and meta-analysis 29 Jun 2022

    The aim of this report by Neville A Stanton, Professor Emeritus of Human Factors Engineering in the Transportation Research Group at the University of Southampton, is to present the development of tax
  • Road collision investigation project final report 29 Jun 2022

    The final report of the RAC Foundation-led Road Collision Investigation Project has concluded that there is very strong case for a permanent Road Safety Investigation Branch (RSIB). The publication
  • Speed offence detection and disposal 2020-21 09 Feb 2022

    More than one in six speeding offences detected by police forces in England and Wales ends up being cancelled, analysis of the latest government data suggests. During 2020-21, a total of 2,426,950 ca
  • A comparison of virtual reality and non-virtual reality approaches to hazard perception training & testing 31 Aug 2021

    Using virtual reality (VR) headsets in driver hazard perception is just as good as, and in some conditions better than, single screen tests at differentiating between safe and less-safe drivers, with
  • Speed offence detection and disposal 2019-20 16 Dec 2020

    In 2019 - 2020, 2,584,569 speeding offences were detected in England and Wales, an 8% increase on the previous 12 months. Over the last five years, acts of illegal speeding detected have incre
  • Reproducible road safety research with R 16 Dec 2020

    With the rapid developments of data and data science in the road safety sector, it is vital that road safety analysts are able to develop the skills and methods needed to take road safety data and do
  • International review of road collision investigation approaches 01 Dec 2020

    A UK Road Collision Investigation Branch (RCIB) "should be established as an impartial investigator, independent from the existing judicial investigation process operated by the police." The RCIB s
  • Driver training for future automated vehicles 04 Nov 2020

    A new study by the University of Nottingham and the RAC Foundation suggests that behavioural training for drivers is paramount for the transition into the next stage of automated vehicles, known as le
  • Roads policing: back to the future? 09 Oct 2020

    Roads policing is at a crossroads. Or rather, “it is back at a crossroads.” That is the view of Steve Green, the former Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire, who also chaired the (then) ACPO Road
  • Roads policing review - response to the DfT call for evidence 06 Oct 2020

    A 'systems thinking approach' to roads policing and road safety is likely to be the next big step in cutting casualties on the highway. In its response to the Department for Transport's call for ev
  • Young driver fact sheet 14 Jul 2020

    The proportion of young people holding a driving licence appears to be increasing again after years of decline. Analysis by the RAC Foundation of official data shows that 46% of young men (aged 17-
  • Supporting older driver mobility 27 Jan 2020

    Offering higher levels of intuitive in-car technology to older drivers is likely to be more helpful in keeping them safe on the road than any system of mass retesting. There are already 5.5 million
  • Effectiveness of UK road safety behaviour change interventions 13 Nov 2019

    Big challenges remain in ensuring universal, high-standard evaluation of behaviour change interventions aimed at making people safer on the roads. Many practitioners feel that they lack a professio
  • Keeping young drivers safe during early licensure 16 Sep 2019

    In-car cameras and black box technology that record young drivers could cut crash rates if the information is shared with parents. Evidence from America suggests the combined use of dash cams and �
  • Road safety for young and novice drivers - Transport Select Committee consultation response 11 Sep 2019

    This submission draws on both RAC Foundation published research and the broader literature to highlight the key risk factors associated with young and novice driver safety alongside the evidence-based
  • Drivers and conditionally-autonomous cars 15 Jul 2019

    How will people interact with vehicles of the future? Automated vehicles are expected to provide the freedom for their drivers to undertake other activities while the vehicle is in control. However
  • Speed offence detection and disposal in England and Wales 01 Apr 2019

    The number of drivers being detected for speeding is more than 160 times higher in some parts of England and Wales than others. In 2017-18 – the latest period for which data is available - 1,191
  • Models and methods for collision analysis 21 Mar 2019

    The report, which is the first in a series of technical notes and reports to support the development of the Road Collision Investigation Project, describes how accident causation models have changed o
  • Speed camera data 13 Mar 2019

    Analysis of data for 551 fixed speed cameras in 9 areas shows that on average the number of fatal and serious collisions in their vicinity fell by more than a fifth (22%) after their installation.
  • Stars or standards? A review of motorcycle protective clothing 03 Jan 2019

    Motorcyclists represent an increasing proportion of road crash casualties across the world as the motorcycle fleet grows (WHO, 2015). Helmets are a proven safety measure, credited with reducing rider
  • Clock changes and personal injury collisions 27 Oct 2018

    The October clock change will lead to an increase of some 20 more road crashes per day in Great Britain in which someone is hurt, past experience suggests. Analysis of police data from the past six
  • Tackling high-risk regional roads - update 16 Oct 2018

    A £100 million programme of works is on course to prevent almost 1,450 deaths and serious injuries over the next two decades on the riskiest council-managed A roads in England. That is the assessm
  • Gender Differences in the Behaviour of Older Drivers 18 Sep 2018

    Older women drivers - those aged over 70 - are involved in fewer collisions than older men per driver, per year, but have a higher collision rate than older men per mile driven. For female drivers
  • Highways crash investigation - what the rail industry can teach us 13 Jun 2018

    As more technology, including speed control and telecoms systems, is integrated into the highway there is a clear move towards a systems based approach used in other modes such as rail. A report fo
  • Graduated driver licensing - mapping the cost of young driver accidents 22 May 2018

    Given the renewed focus on Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) – for example, in February 2018 the Prime Minister promised in the House of Commons to ask the Department for Transport to revisit the subject - the RAC Foundation has used the latest available road safety data to update previous estimates, published in 2014, of the potential casualty and collision reductions GDL might bring.
  • Towards an accident investigation branch for roads 15 Dec 2017

    A fresh approach to crash investigation is needed to help bring down death and injury on Britain's roads. Currently the police analyse what has happened after an accident with the aim of making a c
  • Addressing young and novice driver safety in Great Britain 30 Nov 2017

    Young drivers are significantly and consistently over-represented in crashes despite a variety of pre- and post-test initiatives. A new paper - written for the RAC Foundation by Professor Teresa S
  • Speed enforcement analysis 18 Nov 2017

    Analysis for the RAC Foundation and the Daily Mail has revealed large differences between the 43 police forces of England and Wales in the way they enforce speed limits and dispose of speeding cases.
  • Automated road traffic enforcement 25 Oct 2017

    Up to twelve million driving licence holders receive a penalty notice each year – the equivalent of one every 2.5 seconds. This means as many as a third (30%) of Britain’s 40 million
  • Motor Insurance Directive (Vnuk) - EU consultation response 20 Oct 2017

    Plans to extend the need for car insurance to owners of vehicles which only operate on private land risk increasing insurance premiums for all drivers, says the RAC Foundation. In 2014 the European
  • Tackling high-risk regional roads 12 Oct 2017

    Fifty of the UK’s highest-risk local authority A-roads are on track to becoming safer, thanks to the work of the Road Safety Foundation, supported by the RAC Foundation and the Department for
  • Using Behaviour Change Techniques: Guidance for the road safety community 26 Apr 2017

    Developing road safety interventions is an intensive and time-consuming activity and it is essential to develop interventions that work. This guide was commissioned to pull together advice in one
  • Young driver safety: behaviour change techniques 08 Mar 2017

    The vast majority of today’s road safety interventions, for young drivers and other age groups, are based on ideas of what might work rather than on the available theory or research evidence.
  • Young driver safety and insurance briefing 01 Mar 2017

    The RAC Foundation has appeared before the House of Commons Petitions Committee as part of its inquiry into the cost of car insurance for young people. The inquiry was triggered after more than
  • Driving offences - causing death or serious injury - MOJ consultation response 31 Jan 2017

    The RAC Foundation believes that there should be a new offence of causing serious injury by careless driving. This is for two reasons – first to create an offence provision that fills the
  • Effectiveness of average speed cameras in Great Britain 30 Sep 2016

    The use of average speed cameras has been found, on average, to cut the number of crashes resulting in death or serious injury by more than a third. Research for the RAC Foundation by Road Safety
  • TRL drive safe review 15 Aug 2016

    With two-thirds (66%) of the UK population now owning a smartphone the time could have arrived for a drive-safe mode for mobiles.
  • Young driver collisions and casualties 20 Apr 2016

    Using MAST Online to interrogate the STATS19 database 38 scenarios were investigated to calculate the number of killed and seriously injured (KSI) casualties resulting from collisions where
  • Child road safety 29 Mar 2016

    Historical data shows that the monthly total of child road casualties rises to a peak in July when (based on a five-year average) 57% more children aged 15 are killed or hurt compared to December whic
  • Saving lives by lowering drink-drive limit 16 Dec 2015

    Around 25 lives could have been saved across Great Britain this year, if England and Wales had followed the example of Scotland and cut the drink-drive limit.
  • Road safety since 2010 - final report 21 Sep 2015

    New casualty reduction targets need to be introduced if the recent increase in people being hurt on the roads is not to be repeated.  On Thursday (24 September) the government will release detail
  • Eyes on the road 14 Sep 2015

    There is much talk of the connected car but what about the connected driver? Increasingly there is an increasing range of personal information being brought to the wheel and communication technology,
  • Road safety since 2010 - interim report 26 May 2015

    The progress made in cutting death and injury on the roads has varied dramatically across the UK over the past five years. While the general trend has been downwards this has masked big national and
  • RACF calls for young driver green paper in light of casualty stats 14 May 2015

    RAC Foundation renews call for young driver safety green paper as figures show extent of young driver and passenger casualties.
  • Views on graduated licensing - stakeholder attitudes 10 Jul 2014

    In June 2014 the RAC Foundation published Views on graduated licensing an Ipsos MORI survey of public attitudes towards young driver safety and graduated licensing.
  • Young driver safety - a public attitude survey 02 Jul 2014

    A significant majority of the British public back measures to cut death and injury on the roads through limited restrictions on newly qualified young drivers.
  • Get me home - socialising, drinking and safer car travel 24 Jun 2014

    While the past decade has seen the number of people killed or seriously injured in a crash involving drunk-drivers fall by more than half (55%) intoxicated motorists, particularly the young, are
  • Driving safely for life 20 Sep 2013

    Driving safely for life: a guide on keeping safe and driving for as long as possible
  • Young driver safety - solutions to an age-old problem 17 Jul 2013

    Placing conditions on the licences of young drivers could reduce fatal accidents amongst this group by more than a half.
  • Driving choices for the older motorist 26 Feb 2013

    Each year hundreds of thousands of drivers could be making the wrong decision about their ability to drive because they lack the tools or advice to adequately assess their skills behind the wheel.
  • Road safety: review of UK & European data 23 Jan 2013

    The recent bleak winter weather is likely to have reduced the number of people being killed and seriously injured on Britain’s roads.
  • Speed limits - a review of evidence 31 Aug 2012

    They have been with us since 1865 but there are still few things more contentious amongst drivers than speed limits with most people taking a strong view on them one way or the other.
  • Speed and safety (think piece) 21 Aug 2012

    The number of drivers breaking the 30 mph speed limit has dropped by a third in twelve years.
  • Speed camera FOI data 10 Jul 2012

    Two years after the Government announced major cuts in road safety funding, figures suggest fixed speed cameras continue to be used in most areas of England.
  • Road deaths - the figures behind the tragedies 11 May 2011

    Road accidents eclipse stabbings, shootings, suicide by hanging and substance abuse combined, as the biggest cause of death amongst the young other than illness.
  • Saving lives, saving money 04 Apr 2011

    Six thousand lives could be saved on Britain’s roads over the next ten years if just a fraction of the money currently spent on road maintenance was used more effectively.
  • Road safety - tackling the deficit 2 07 Mar 2011

    Britain should be braced for a possible increase in the number of road deaths because of cuts to the road safety budget and traffic growth caused by economic recovery.
  • Can older drivers be nudged? 08 Feb 2011

    Today’s older people are driving further and more often than previous cohorts.  Maintaining mobility in later life helps to delay the physical and mental decline associated with ageing, and is crucial for maintaining access to services, social connectivity, and fulfilling the various routines of daily life.
  • Speed camera effectiveness 24 Nov 2010

    Eight hundred more people could be killed or seriously injured each year on Britain’s roads if all the fixed and mobile speed cameras operational before the road safety grant was cut in summer
  • Road safety - tackling the deficit 1 19 Oct 2010

    Road safety is at a crossroads. It has entered a policy vacuum and urgent action is now needed to ensure Great Britain continues to reduce road deaths and casualties beyond 2010 according to this
  • Education in road safety: are we getting it right? 08 Sep 2010

    If there is one thing most of us believe in, it is the benefits of education, not least when it comes to road safety.
  • Still safe at seventy 14 Apr 2010

    Despite the myths, the 3.7 million drivers born before World War II are amongst the safest people on our roads, and forcing them to take compulsory retests will limit their mobility, be hard to
  • Delays due to road accidents 05 Apr 2010

    Congestion is estimated to cost the nation £22 billion each year. A quarter of that congestion is associated with road accidents.
  • Transport safety: is the law an ass? 14 May 2009

    Why is there a seperate accident investigation branch for the marine, rail and aviation modes of transport but not for roads where far more people are killed each year?
  • Texting whilst driving 18 Sep 2008

    Texting behind the wheel impairs drivers' reaction times by over one-third (35 per cent) according to a study carried out at the Transport Research Laboratory on behalf of the RAC Foundation.