• Old dogs and new tricks - an electrifying trip 05 Mar 2024

    This report by Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, is a personal observation of the practicalities involved in driving a battery-electric vehicle around south-east England and trying to rec
  • Driving as an employment qualification - 2024 19 Feb 2024

    More than one in six jobs being advertised in the UK requires applicants to be able to drive, analysis suggests. Research by the RAC Foundation shows that in the first week of October 2023 a total
  • Driven by information revisited 28 Jul 2023

    The RAC Foundation report Driven by information, published in September 2020, sought to establish all the elements needed to achieve the benefits offered by the flow of data from and to increasingly �
  • Young people and driving survey 24 Apr 2023

    An “overwhelming majority” of young people aged 17 to 24 expect to be driving regularly in the future. Aside from those unable to drive because of a disability of health condition, more than 8
  • Development and deployment of self-driving vehicles 12 Oct 2022

    Ensuring the roadworthiness of self-driving technology will be one of the key challenges to ensuring the success and safety of autonomous vehicles, the RAC Foundation has warned. In its evidence to
  • Looking to the future by connecting to the past 22 Dec 2021

    Three veteran cars built at the turn of the 20th century have travelled from the capital to the south coast while using the latest in connected technology in what is believed to be the world’s first
  • Standing still 08 Jul 2021

    The average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time, a figure that has barely changed in quarter of a century. For the rest of the time the car or van is either parked at home (73%) or
  • Council parking revenue in England 2019-20 23 Jan 2021

    Councils in England made a combined surplus (profit) of £891 million from parking in 2019-20. This was 4.6% lower than the £934 million profit made in the previous year. The analysis by the RA
  • Car clubs 17 Dec 2020

    Car clubs – or car sharing as it is known the United States and elsewhere – are an increasingly feature of the transport landscape in the UK and have come a long way since the first ‘modern’ s
  • Parking code enforcement framework - response to the MHCLG consultation 14 Oct 2020

    The new body that will have the job of monitoring and auditing the behaviour of private parking companies should have powers to carry out no-notice inspections of those firms it suspects of malpractic
  • Driven by information 01 Oct 2020

    Everyday technology already installed in vehicles or added by drivers could enable a range of connected services to be developed and deployed, making driving smoother and safer and traffic management
  • Future mobility for rural communities 10 Jun 2020

    Creating innovative solutions to the travel problems facing those living in rural communities has been the focus of the latest challenge set by the RAC Foundation and Royal Automobile Club to students
  • New car mileage 28 Apr 2020

    The newest cars in Great Britain do an average of 10,377 miles in each of the first three years after they are registered. That’s the equivalent of 28 miles per day. However, there are big dif
  • Council parking revenue in England 2018-19 16 Nov 2019

    In 2018-19 English councils made a combined profit of £930 million from their parking activities. The figure for the last financial year is up 7% on the £867 million councils made in 2017-18.
  • Council parking revenue in England – budget 2019-20 29 Jun 2019

    English councils are predicting that, collectively, they will make a £913 million surplus – or profit - from their parking activities in the current financial year, 2019-20. This is 4% more than
  • Council parking revenue in Scotland 2017-18 31 May 2019

    Councils in Scotland made a combined surplus of £44.6 million from their parking activities in 2017-18. This was a 5% increase on the £42.6 million 'profit' recorded in the previous financial yea
  • Council response times to potholes 18 Jan 2019

    The fastest-acting councils in Great Britain aim to fill in the most severe potholes in their roads within minutes. Cumbria, Flintshire and South Lanarkshire aim to act “immediately” to repair
  • Council parking revenue in England 2017-18 19 Nov 2018

    Councils in England have seen their parking ‘profits’ rise by almost a third (32%) in just four years. In 2017-18, the combined surplus made by the 353 English local authorities was £867 milli
  • Council parking revenue in Wales 2017-18 07 Nov 2018

    Local authorities in Wales made a combined surplus of £14.4 million on their parking activities in the last financial year. The figure for 2017-18 was 3% higher than the £14 million made in 2016-
  • Driving as an employment qualification - 2018 update 29 Oct 2018

    Analysis by the RAC Foundation of a snapshot of the government’s Find a Job database found that of the 182,062 vacancies on offer on the 14 September 2018, 34,067 (19%) stated that having a car or l
  • Inclusion and empathy 24 Aug 2018

    Almost one in five people in the UK have some form of disability and by 2035 over a third of us will be of pensionable age. With this in mind the RAC Foundation and the Royal Automobile Club commis
  • English councils parking income - budget 2018-19 09 Jul 2018

    Councils in England are predicting to make a joint surplus of almost £900 million from their parking operations in the current financial year. The official figures supplied to government by the 35
  • London bus lane enforcement in 2016-17 31 May 2018

    Some 351,000 penalty charge notices (PCNs) were issued to road users in London for bus lane infringements in 2016/17. The analysis - based on data supplied by local authorities to central governmen
  • Council parking revenue in Scotland 2016-17 28 May 2018

    Councils in Scotland made a combined surplus - or 'profit' - of £42.6 million from their parking activities in 2016/17. This was an increase of 6% on the £40.3 million made in the previous financ
  • Shaping the future of England's strategic roads - response to DfT consultation 12 Feb 2018

    The RAC Foundation backs plans to introduce Expressways as part of the government's proposals to divide strategic roads into four categories.
  • Council parking revenue in England 2016-17 27 Nov 2017

    The RAC Foundation has voiced its scepticism about the fairness and effectiveness of proposals to raise the level of penalty charges in London from £130 to £160 in an effort to
  • Council parking revenue in Wales 2016-17 10 Nov 2017

    Local authorities in Wales made a combined surplus – or ‘profit’ - of £14 million on their parking activities in the last financial year. The figure for 2016-17 was 1.4%
  • Penalty charges in London - response to TfL consultation 10 Nov 2017

    The RAC Foundation has voiced its scepticism about the fairness and effectiveness of proposals to raise the level of penalty charges in London from £130 to £160 in an effort to
  • One minute traffic data 02 Nov 2017

    The RAC Foundation believes there is a future for lane rental schemes after the trials in London and Kent.
  • Lane rental - DfT consultation response 26 Oct 2017

    The RAC Foundation believes there is a future for lane rental schemes after the trials in London and Kent. In its response to the Department for Transport consultation, the Foundation said "it supp
  • Intelligent vehicles: a public attitude survey 04 Oct 2017

    Half (50%) of Britons are concerned about future driver-assistance technologies taking too much control away from the driver.  This compares with just one in five (20%) who are unconcerned.
  • London draft transport strategy - Mayor's consultation response 02 Oct 2017

    The RAC Foundation has welcomed Sadiq Khan's ambitious draft transport strategy but is concerned that the target of dramatically reducing car journeys in the capital will be a "mighty challenge". The
  • The implications of internet shopping growth on the van fleet and traffic activity 18 May 2017

    The huge growth in UK van numbers is not being solely driven by people turning to online shopping. While there are now at least 3.7 million vans on the road, fewer than one in twenty-five (4%) are
  • Readiness of the road network for connected and autonomous vehicles 07 Apr 2017

    The arrival of self-driving and connected cars will add weight to the case for improved highway maintenance, not only to tackle the huge backlog, but also to ensure the associated communication and
  • Council parking revenue in Scotland 2015-16 06 Apr 2017

    Local authorities in Scotland made a £40.3 million surplus or ‘profit’ from their parking activities in 2015-16. This is 12% higher than in the 2014-15 financial year when £36.1 million was reported.
  • Council parking revenue in England 2015-16 09 Dec 2016

    The surplus produced from council parking operations in England has reached a record high of more than three quarters of a billion pounds. In the 2015/16 financial year the 353 local authorities in
  • Click and deliver - e-commerce changes travel behaviour 05 Dec 2016

    More than 7 in 10 (71%) British adults aged 16-75 say they have shopped online within the last three months. The average UK household now places around 2.5 online orders per month – the
  • Council parking revenue in Wales 2015-16 17 Nov 2016

    Local authorities in Wales made a combined surplus – or ‘profit’ - of £13.8 million on their parking activities in the last financial year. 
  • Driving as an employment qualification (2016) 20 Apr 2016

    The RAC Foundation response to the Highways England consultation on a new Lower Thames Crossing.
  • Connected drivers - a public attitude survey 31 Dec 2015

    Three in five drivers would be happy to use a ‘vehicle safe mode’ on their mobile phones and other electronic devices they bring into their car in order to avoid being distracted. The
  • On the move Wales: car, train and bus travel trends 22 Dec 2015

    Twenty-first century car use in Wales is more in keeping with historical experience than the rest of Great Britain according to a new report published today.
  • Council parking revenue in England 2014-15 07 Dec 2015

    English councils have made another record surplus from their parking activities, hitting almost £700 million.
  • Where next for autonomous vehicles? 02 Dec 2015

    Driverless cars are not just part of an imagined future street scene; they exist today. Yet it’s an enormous leap from the prototypes being put through their paces under test conditions to a
  • Council parking revenue in Scotland 2013-14 25 May 2015

    Local authorities in Scotland made a £33.6 million surplus or ‘profit’ from their parking activities in 2013/14, the last financial year for which data is available. This is just
  • Private parking, public concern 20 Feb 2015

    Hundreds of thousands of drivers are likely to have been illegally penalised for overstaying their welcome whilst parked on private land. The motorists could be entitled to repayments totalling many
  • Young adults and driving in the UK 24 Dec 2014

    Since the mid-1990s there has been a decline in car use among young adults, especially among young men. This decrease is associated with both a reduction in the proportion of young adults who hold a
  • Council parking revenue in England 2013-14 12 Dec 2014

    English councils have made another record surplus from parking. In 2013-14 councils in England generated a combined ‘profit’ of £667 million.
  • Moving cities: the future of urban travel 01 Dec 2014

    Within twenty years there could be another seven million drivers in the UK meaning that, if current trends persist, the total will leap from about 36 million to 43 million. 
  • Generation Next - pre-driver travel behaviour 07 Nov 2014

    Since the sharp decrease since the 1990s in car use by young adults, we explore the extent to which similar trends have taken place among pre-driving age young people.
  • Council parking revenue in Wales 2012-13 17 Apr 2014

    Between them the 22 parking authorities in Wales made a surplus (‘profit’) of £8.7 million in 2012/13.
  • Van travel trends in Great Britain 10 Apr 2014

    The number of vans on Britain’s roads has been rising more than 2.5 times quicker than cars.
  • Council parking revenue in England 2012-13 23 Dec 2013

    English councils have made another record surplus from their parking activities.
  • The car and the commute 02 Dec 2013

    16.7 million people in England and Wales travel to work by car or van. This is 62.7% of the employed population aged 16-74.
  • Driving safely for life 23 Sep 2013

    The number of older people with driving licences has exceeded the four million mark.
  • Council parking revenue in England 2011-12 01 Aug 2013

    Figures analysed by the RAC Foundation show the vast majority of local authorities in England generate a surplus from their parking activities.
  • Ploughing on - winter resilience review 10 May 2013

    A combination of more frequent and more extreme weather events will mean drivers having to change their habits and expectations.
  • On the move: car and rail travel trends 03 Dec 2012

    How much are we travelling as a nation? More to the point, who is travelling? What changes have there been over time? What might happen in the future?
  • Car rental: an industry perspective 28 Nov 2012

    This think piece summarises the findings from a joint seminar held by the RAC Foundation and British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) in July 2012 on alternatives to car ownership
  • Fuels, cars and drivers: the facts 02 Oct 2012

    It is sometimes easy to forget just how important road transportation - especially that carried out by car - is to the citizens and commerce of this country.
  • Spaced out: perspectives on parking policy 17 Jul 2012

    The rise in the number of vehicles and the shortage of parking spaces means millions of front gardens have been paved over to make room for cars.
  • Car rental 2.0 02 Jul 2012

    The success of the Boris bike scheme in London could pave the way across the UK for one-way car clubs based on the same idea.
  • Alternative forms of car ownership across the globe 06 Jan 2012

    In 2011, the RAC Foundation commissioned Sally Cairns (TRL & UCL) and Clare Harmer (TRL) to write a report on international examples of alternatives to the most common way of accessing cars
  • HS2: a critical analysis (think piece) 04 Dec 2011

    HS2 - the proposed high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham - is officially judged to return £1.60 for every pound spent on the scheme.
  • Keeping the nation moving 21 Nov 2011

    There will be at least four million more cars on the UK’s roads in the next twenty years as the population surges by more than ten million.
  • Green for go. The role of traffic lights 28 Feb 2011

    Ever think you are spending more time sitting at the lights? Well you probably are, because the number of sets of traffic lights in Britain jumped by some 30 per cent between 2000 and 2008.
  • Cars - to buy or not to buy? 17 Feb 2011

    There are already 28 million cars in the UK, the majority of them privately owned. And this number is likely to rise if the population grows as it is projected to.
  • Keeping older drivers mobile 07 Feb 2011

    Official figures show that of today's population an astonishing ten million of us will live to see our 100th birthday.
  • Road sharing 19 Jan 2011

    Some rivalries are enduring. Manchester United fans despise Manchester City fans. Die-hard Labour supporters cannot abide Conservatives. And it seems many car drivers loathe cyclists – a
  • Transport - lessons from the last decade 15 Oct 2010

    William Rickett is a former civil servant who worked at board level in five government departments including Transport and Energy & Climate Change.
  • How Britons get about 15 Oct 2010

    The car continues to dominate the traveling lives of the British public. Whilst there has been a marked increase in bus use in London, this is the exception.
  • Transport as a service 23 Sep 2010

    Earlier this year the RAC Foundation commissioned MRC McLean Hazel to carry out research into the potential of moving towards a more integrated, retail-like system of transport where it is provided
  • Rail Use in Great Britain 17 Sep 2010

    The RAC Foundation has commissioned Professor Joyce Dargay from the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds to analyse the frequency of rail use in Great Britain.
  • International modal comparisons 20 Aug 2010

    Despite frequent discussions about the significant difference between countries and their transport usage the car remains the dominant method of travel for all nine of the countries assessed in this
  • On-street parking 17 Aug 2010

    Councils must resist the temptation to use on-street parking charges as a way of raising money simply to balance their books.
  • Winter resilience review 26 Jul 2010

    In the wake of the extreme cold weather experienced during the winter of 2009/10 the Transport Secretary Lord Adonis asked David Quarmby - chairman of the RAC Foundation - to undertake an independent
  • Manifesto 2010 04 May 2010

    In a world where government has very little money and tough spending choices have to be made, it is important that decisions on expenditure should be based on facts and not faith. Choices should be
  • Mayor's draft transport strategy - a response 12 Jan 2010

    In October 2009 Boris Johnson invited people and organisations to respond to the draft Mayor's Transport Strategy for the capital.
  • Transport in London 01 Oct 2009

    It positions itself as one of the premier cities of the world, home to eight million people and cornerstone of the nation's economy.
  • Congestion in the UK 30 Jul 2009

    It is an unwelcome feature of modern life that most of us encounter at one time or another; congestion on Britian's roads.
  • Wheel clamping on private land 09 Jul 2009

    If there is one topic which has proved more emotive than any other for those members of the public who contact the RAC Foundation, this is probably it.
  • The Car in British Society 17 Apr 2009

    In 1995 the RAC Foundation published a report called Car Dependence highlighting the exent to which the motor car had pervaded modern life.
  • Car ownership 17 Oct 2008

    There have been persistant calls for a car scrappage scheme to operate in the UK, not least to boost the forunes of the car industry and rejuvinate the existing car parc.
  • Trafficmaster congestion report 2008 26 Aug 2008

    Britain’s roads are notorious for traffic jams, but a smart motorist can take steps to avoid them.
  • Trends in Modal Shift 15 Jul 2007

    We are just as car dependent today as we were in the early 1990s, according to the paper Trends in Modal Shift: An analysis of the British Social Attitudes Survey by David Leibling.