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“Blueprint for a gridlocked economy” Road pricing - delivering the economy? CPRE and the RAC Foundation say 70% of rural road signs are unnecessary Warning: UK commutes pose significant hazards Comment on Road Casualties Great Britain 2006 Money for nothing Road block for road pricing? Get ready for 'Black Friday' and worst congestion of the year Don't be SAD - Commute Smart Small businesses opt for wired working Motorway network props up Euro league Road improvements vital for economy No light at the end of the tunnel for Stonehenge Death Race 2007: internet stunts must be stopped Edmund King leaves RAC Foundation Beware the Christmas risk factor Seven deadly sins of Christmas motoring Driving for the weekend? Avoiding the New Year crash diet Appointment of Executive Director Road tax evasion Emissions-based congestion charging in the capital Half of motorists txt + drv Rollout of hard shoulder running Vehicle technology needs hard sell New media relations manager at Foundation Vision needed to avoid road to ruin Motorists feeling the fuel squeeze Chancellor no Darling to motorists Don't become a hot, cross driver this Easter 1,500 Albert Halls-worth of potholes bring misery Gwyneth Dunwoody MP big loss to transport debate Stephen Glaister is new RAC Foundation director Driver training and testing reforms Cars need fuel... and roads DIY discounts available to motorists Manchester commits to consultation Take a lift and share a cost 20mph zones - more haste, less speed? Realistic about roads? Travel is vital ingredient for business success Road Casualties GB 2007 Motoring tax red herrings Car keys unlock wider horizons 2p fuel duty freeze A12 inquiry Tyred out - check your rubber Road tax changes - a response Tread carefully on the roads Economic 'go slow' speeds up journeys Car use drives wellbeing in old age No such thing as safe text Young drivers report card Welsh trunk roads Older drivers keep community wheels turning Text and the city Celebrating 50 years of motorways 18 years old and off the road? Billion pounds to reduce car travel by 0.5% Hubble, bubble, road safety trouble Road-building myths busted Bullying drivers get black marks on the road Reducing car use could have unforseen consequences Still dying for news Cold Shoulder Given to Chancellor’s Motorway Plans Driving forward national networks Cost of motoring hits low earners Driving home for Christmas Come thunder, lightning or rain New deal for road users Transport manifestos of days gone by Living with the consquences of speed No more I LUV Us Jailing of Lord Ahmed All gone to pot We don't know where you live New railways not a panacea Transport infrastructure investment The price is NOT right Tighter regulation of cowboy clampers Flat tyres - an accident waiting to happen The habits of a car reliant nation Budget 2009 comment Holes in the road - an entrenched problem Motorway service station comment Road accident investigation Cowboy clampers gunning for bank holiday drivers Electric shock over green car plans Tube strike comment Time to go offroad? The case for a consumer watchdog for motorists Road Vs Rail - Is Government on the money? Road casualty stats comment Level crossing awareness day National Express franchise handover Are punitive charges for wheel clamping illegal? New chairman for RAC Foundation Taxes and charges report response Motorists vote for traffic jams over public transport Low income drivers Capital chaos? Rail reservations Council parking report Pre budget report Clampers search for Christmas bonus Swindon speed cameras HS2 report Victims' levy Average speed cameras for A13 Westminster parking charges Climbdown over clamping appeals Council pours money into potholes Drivers flout mobile phone laws Salt shortage warning High speed rail on track to increase social exclusion Villiers rejects high speed offer High speed rail announcement Fuel duty increase Budget 2010 MPs back new road capacity Foundation boss to chair snow review Road accident clear-up Reality check for Lib Dem Rail Plans Holes over high speed rail Older drivers Fuel duty is key election issue RAC Foundation wins award Green challenge For fox sake slow down London congestion charge rises DfT announces where axe will fall Cowboy clampers evade justice North review on drink and drug driving Cuts 'catastrophic' for road safety Emergency Budget 2010 Pay as you go on the roads? LowCVP Annual Conference LCV Partnership awards Speed cameras mothballed Drug and drink driving On-street parking 'tax' Cowboy clampers driven out of town Road safety education: saving lives? Future Car Challenge Drink and drug driving Mayor supports Future Car Challenge Transport - lessons from the last decade Comprehensive Spending Review CSR impact on London Winter resilience review - final report Cost of going green Speed cameras - the evidence See the light Green car grant HSR - an unravelling case? Fuel duty jump Mixed messages. Fuel duty stabiliser debate Keen to go green? Older Drivers: keeping mobile, keeping safe Clampers to be banned but what regulation for ticketers? Traffic lights HSR consultation launch Budget cuts batter road safety strategy Petrol price rise fuels concern, survey shows Ministers reject drink-drive advice Budget reaction A vision of the future Saving lives, saving money Crashes big killer of the young Fuelling debate on electric cars Speeders see red Road deaths at record low Dartford crossing consultation Electric strategy Road safety letter to The Times Less than electrifying take-up of green car grant Eurozone fuel prices Low Carbon Champions Awards CBI calls for private road capacity Planning plea Kevin McCloud confirmed as RACF driver 80 to be the new 70? Signs and lines C4's Kevin McCloud tests Delta E4 at Silverstone Road deaths response Local heroes? Councils respond to eco-car drive £11 billion road funding black hole Keeping the nation moving Autumn Statement comment RACF wins international road safety award Designated drivers rewarded this Christmas Cutting DfT costs - comment on NAO report Pothole review Cars in the cold as garages used less Number of cars in Britain at a record high HS2 comment Lorry road user charging Drivers to pay larger 'victims surcharge' MOT test announcement Transport poverty Private sector involvement on the roads Budget 2012 comment LowCVP Annual Conference 2012 Workplace parking levy European fuel prices New road schemes welcomed Fuel for thought National work from home today Queen reigns over road revolution Fuel duty freeze Road casualties 2011 Car rental 2.0 Speed camera FOI data Spaced out: perspectives on parking policy Road safety - select committee report A14 announcement Councils make £500m from parking ORN traffic volume Drivers slowing down OFT review of fuel prices Clamping ban FAQs VED reform Blackwall and Silvertown Tunnel comments Future Car Challenge preview Access to supermarket fuel On the Move. Making sense of car and train travel trends in Britain Transport biggest household cost bar none Autumn Statement - fuel duty comment Autumn Statement - road infrastructure comment Car and van availability DfT backs more average speed cameras Snow and ice bring hope of road death reduction OFT review of fuel prices Older drivers making wrong decisions about their abilities Transport poverty Pre-Budget 2013 briefing Budget 2013 reaction Worked to death? UK motorists reliant on foreign oil and fuel imports Powering ahead? The take up of electric cars Ploughing on - winter resilience review New chairman for RAC Foundation Speed camera data Public parking enforcement Motorists' distrust in ministers laid bare Roads audit shows £11bn backlog being cleared CSR/infrastructure announcement London Roads Task Force Young driver safety - solutions to an age-old problem Barnet unlawfully raised revenue from parking charges Councils make record profit from parking A14 toll consultation Older driver numbers hit four million Fuel duty freeze to May 2015 comment Parking 'profits' in Scotland revealed Response to TRL young drivers report Whiplash and transport costs comment Parking report comment The car and the commute Council parking 'profits' surge to new high Transport poverty 2014 RACF co-chairs new transport safety commission UK drivers still facing highest fuel tax in Europe Pre-Budget fuel briefing paper Budget 2014 reaction Van use drives ahead Welsh parking accounts 2012/13 Dealing with poor air quality £10k fine for motorway speeding Get me home Public back graduated licensing Six points for using mobile phone while driving Two-thirds of new cars exempt from VED Dirtiest cars to pay £12.50 to enter central London Fuel duty escalator back on the cards Road spending falls to a quarter of motoring tax income Toll booths go at Dartford crossing Moving cities: the future of urban travel £15 billion road investment English council parking profits hit new high On the move in Wales Petrol tax take now 70% Falling pump prices fuel inflation drop Electric charge point use in London Pothole compensation claims - 2013/14 Driverless cars trial EU fuel bargains boost for holiday drivers Private parking, public concern Mobile phone use by drivers RAC Foundation appoints new director Potholes still No.1 transport priority amongst voters Minister set to tackle private parking excesses Fuel duty freeze - Budget 2015 comment Learning the lessons from road crashes Stephen Glaister to join Office of Rail and Road Judges rule against Beavis in ParkingEye case Judges order UK to come up with clean air plan Ultra-green cars. What's selling? Teen driver crashes take toll on young passengers Council parking revenue in Scotland 2013/14 Road safety across an un-United Kingdom Annual road deaths in Britian rise 4% Plug-in grant vehicles on the road Q1 2015 MSP makes graduated licensing proposal Summer Budget 2015 reaction Diesel prices defy gravity Beavis v ParkingEye case heads for UK's highest court Bargain prices at EU fuel pumps Operation Stack brings Kent road chaos Supermarkets cut price of diesel Record freight volumes put strain on Channel crossings Supermarkets cut price of petrol Diesel drought risk Ultra-green cars - latest on-the-road figures Targets needed to hit road safety goals VW diesel scandal comment Pothole compensation claims - 2014/15 Private parking grace period Barry Beavis loses parking case at Supreme Court Learner drivers to get cashback for first-time pass 'Stealth' speed cameras to turn yellow Under pressure. Bridge maintenance in GB In a hole. Spending on England's local roads at 13-year low Doctors have duty to report drivers unfit to take to the road Far from home and help Cutting drink-drive limit could have saved 25 lives this year Most drivers back car-safe mode mobile phones Supermarkets reduce diesel price EVs to get bus lane access £5,000 fine for phantom road works MEPs back real-world driving emissions test M5 all-day closure chaos Door ajar for drink-drive limit cut Traffic volume hits record level in 2015 Charge points at two thirds of motorway service stations One shopping weekend left to bag electric car bargain Three quarters of pump price is now tax Budget 2016 comment Child road safety Scottish councils’ parking ‘profits’ up again Diesel scrappage scheme Ultra-green cars on the road - latest data Driving licence needed for 1 in 6 jobs Motoring Services Strategy looks to the future Average speed cameras on the rise Mitsubishi Outlander extends ultra-green league table lead UK diesel prices still EU's highest Drive-safe mode needed for motorists' mobiles? Million motorists a quarter hit with private parking tickets Battery-powered cars slip behind plug-in hybrids in ultra-green race Average speed cameras cut worst crashes by a third New call to lower the drink-drive limit Pothole compensation claims 2015-16 A34 lorry driver mobile phone death case Mobile phone users denied courses EV charge point use in Scotland Welsh council parking profits up for third year Autumn statement 2016 reaction Chancellor outlines local road spending Online shopping driving change in travel behaviour English council parking profits break three quarters of a billion Learner drivers on motorways Ten pounds extra for a tank of fuel Traffic flow could initially be worse with autonomous vehicles 2p to fix pothole problem Diesel price hits two-year high Drivers and their mobiles: use it and lose it Another fall in traffic police numbers Councils to consult more widely before driving up parking charges Transport poverty Focussed diesel scrappage scheme would miss the target More than 3,000 GB road bridges are substandard Reaping the benefits of autonomous vehicles Sixteen major road projects at risk, warns NAO Scottish councils’ parking ‘profits’ top £40 million Road repair bill to rise if self-drive cars are to avoid potholes and pitfalls Lower Thames Crossing Mitsubishi Outlander still leads green car race Nearly five million vehicle records shared with private parking firms in 2016/17 Air quality plan threatens mosaic of confusion for drivers Online shopping not fuelling surge in vans Queen's speech reaction DfT announces where £6 billion will be spent on roads Eight thousand mile major road network to be formed Cost of catastrophic injury claims pushing up insurance premiums Summer holiday road hotspots revealed Private parking data release surges 64% Air quality plan response Cost keeping down number of young drivers Motorway canopies planned to contain air pollution Ford announces UK scrappage scheme Government 'to back' private parking bill Real world emission tests introduced Mitsubishi still tops ultra-green car league table Public charge points put electric car revolution at risk Road deaths reach a five-year high Public nervous about intelligent cars taking control from drivers Making the case for safer roads Roads programme rejigged Speeding course fees vary by a third Vnuk judgment raises threat of increased motoring costs Drivers receiving 12 million penalties annually Welsh council parking ‘profits’ nudge higher Third of drivers doubt their eyesight is good enough to drive Older cars in urban areas not to blame for harmful emissions No consistency in speed limit enforcement Parking firms issuing some 1,200% more tickets than decade ago Budget 2017 reaction English council parking profits up ten percent Ultra-green car league table EV charge point use in Scotland up by almost a half Record number of driver retraining courses undertaken First MOT to remain at three years Number of substandard bridges rises Ministers back parking firm clamp down Ticketing on private land reaches epidemic proportions PM promises to explore graduated licensing Army of gritters battle Beast from the East Pure EV sales in reverse Transport poverty deepens London Mayor adds 100 rapid charge points Potholes on the rise Hundreds over 100 hold driving licence Internet shopping causes potholes? Scrappage scheme plans shelved London minicab drivers face greater testing Third of hospitals charge staff to park Diesel cars at record number Green car league table Speed limits in Wales reduced to cut emissions Private parking tickets surge by a million Report casts doubt over pre-driver training Speed awareness courses cut reoffending EU wants automated speed restrictions in cars Operation Stack solution gets closer Young drivers crashes - mapping the casualties RACF joins London EV taskforce Learner drivers allowed on motorways Mayor to expand London ULEZ Crash investigation stepped up a gear Almost 140,000 of greenest cars now on the road Plunge in number of driving tests taken Time to nationalise the M6 Toll road? English councils predict huge hike in parking surplus Traffic at record high Road to Zero involves diesel Biggest private parking firm soars in value Four in five people doubt speed camera effectiveness Record number of private parking tickets to be issued Older family cars at risk from E10 Fuel prices up for eighth week in a row Roadside sight tests for drivers Picture of patchy mobile coverage across road network Fuel prices rise ten weeks in a row International driving permits needed after no-deal Brexit Pump prices up yet again Traffic levels in 2050 up by as much as half Road death figures remain constant Fuel duty frozen Diesel price up for 14th week in a row Updated plans for biggest road scheme since M25 Electric car grants cut Rehabilitation programme for riskiest A roads Sales rush after green car grant change No way out? Clock change ushers in more road accidents Driving test key exam for job seekers Budget 2018 comment Welsh council parking profits up five years running English council parking profits rise again Parking tickets on private land soar Not all electric cars as rapid as the chargepoints New roads should prioritise active travel - NICE Bridge maintenance backlog grows Potholes. Does size matter? Mobile phone use by drivers appears to fall Ten million drivers have now done retraining courses Councils call for £1.5 billion to fund scrappage scheme Extended guarantee for road repairs Private parking bill becomes law Speed limiters to become mandatory Huge regional variations in speeding offence detection Clean air policies spreading from London Road pricing petition paved way for Brexit U-turn demand Thirty two million cars on UK roads Buses blamed for bridge failure Supermarket fuel on almost every doorstep Fuel prices at six-month high Private parking penalties surge by a fifth Fines of £100 for ignoring Red X DVLA hands over details of 23 million vehicle owners M6 Toll prices to rise again Rapid charging hubs key to EV growth in London English council parking profits set to top a billion pounds Taking back control - drivers and semi-autonomous cars Graduated licensing proposed to cut young driver death toll Penalty points for not wearing seat belts Road deaths down a fraction in 2018 Drink-drive deaths rise in 2017 Drive like your parents are watching Think tank offers thoughts on road pricing MPs want national road pricing debate Green plates for clean cars Some smart motorways too clever by half Government to urgently review smart motorways Private parking firms to issue nearly nine million tickets in 2019-20 English council parking profits surge once more More than 600,000 unlicensed vehicles on UK's roads Seventeen out of twenty motoring offences are for speeding Tech not tests key to keeping older drivers safe Speed awareness course numbers hit new high Costs of charging electric car vary dramatically Small fall in number of substandard road bridges E10 petrol to be introduced in 2021 Budget 2020 reaction VED overhaul planned Action plan to make smart motorways safer Pavement parking ban a step closer? Pump prices slashed MOTs to be deferred because of Coronavirus More than 600,000 lorries on UK roads Average new car driven 28 miles per day Number of diesel cars drops New chair for RAC Foundation Future mobility for rural communities New garden towns could have car dependency built in Number plate to confirm green car credentials Mandatory MOT tests to be reinstated Private parking tickets up by a quarter Lorry traffic close to pre-Coronavirus levels Government regulation of private parking firms a step closer Case for graduated driver licensing restated Green light for greater use of connected vehicle tech Almost 1 in 10 vans are used for leisure Road resilience in adverse weather Driven by information  Ministers rule out graduated licensing More not less driver training needed for semi-automated cars 2030 ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars Steve Gooding named CILT(UK) president 2021 New data framework looks to accelerate car clubs Who uses the M25?   English council parking profits dip as Covid bites Number of substandard road bridges on the rise again Green motoring costs add up for Chancellor E10 petrol from September 2021 NAO questions value for money of plug-in grants Majority of SUVs registered to urban homes Smart motorway safety update Government takes next step towards driverless cars Government reins in whiplash claims Pump prices up every week for more than six months Drivers of older cars to pay £8 to enter Birmingham Weekday traffic back to pre-pandemic levels Petrol price at two-year high Private parking firms issue 12,000 tickets a day Petrol prices at eight-year high Cars parked 23 hours a day Hazard perception tests that are virtually real Simplicity key to any future road user charging, RACF tells MPs Ministers propose Road Collision Investigation Branch after RACF trial Petrol at record high price - government data Connected veteran cars in historic London-to-Brighton ‘pathfinder’ Safer Roads Fund gains royal recognition Jump in number of private parking companies Supporting safe driving into old age Private parking firms issuing 15 tickets a minute Five billion pounds motoring tax black hole looms for Chancellor Highway Code changes No viable alternative to road pricing say MPs 'Cowpat' housing developments are locking communities into car-dependency Private parking firms brought into line with new code of practice One in six speeding offences ‘cancelled’ Big jump in weekly pump prices Celebrating royal recognition for the Safer Roads Fund Time to consider fuel duty cut Fuel duty cut needs to be more than 5p per litre Fuel duty reduced in spring statement Number of substandard road bridges on the rise Automated vehicles prompt change to Highway Code Diesel price at new high Petrol and diesel prices at new highs One hundred pounds for a tank of diesel Firms fight back against reforms to parking on private land Pump prices to be investigated Study sheds light on why older drivers have crashes Road Safety Investigation Branch to be established Private parking tickets dished out at record rate Refining margins behind soaring pump prices Delays at Dover just the latest in long list of disruption Football fans face big travel costs as new season starts  RACF welcomes Chancellor's plans to deliver safer roads Road deaths rise year-on-year Record gap between petrol and diesel pump prices More than 500,000 pure EVs on the road CIHT road safety award win Shortage of lorry parking forcing drivers to sleep at the roadside Study confirms benefits of graduated driver licensing Counterfeit code VED to be levied on battery-powered cars Possible 23% rise in fuel duty under consideration Pump price gap hits new high Bumper quarter for private parking companies Thousands of learners taking six or more driving tests Most volatile year for fuel prices says CMA Traffic expected to grow under all scenarios, DfT Driving-style data could help prevent crashes MOT tests could be reduced in frequency Car miles and cutting carbon What is a rural road? Private parking on course to be billion-pound industry Rise in sales of new battery-electric cars Pothole fund grows by £200 million - Spring Budget 2023 Fuel duty frozen for further year - Spring Budget 2023 Proportion of substandard road bridges falls Some 1.6 million drivers now aged 80 or over Record number of drivers attend retraining course Self-driving Ford cleared for motorways Plug pulled on new smart motorways What is the future of dynamic hard shoulder motorways? Majority of young people expect to be regular drivers Supermarket bosses to be interviewed over pump prices Road casualty numbers almost back to pre-Covid levels RACF responds to calls for per-mile charge for EVs Lack of competition pushing up pump prices Ministers move to improve EV charging experience Drivers out of pocket when using their own cars at work Stonehenge tunnel given green light - again Drink-drive deaths hit 12-year high Identifying road collision hot spots, before they become one Minister warns against "foot-dragging" on fuel price data "The stuff of nightmares" Football fans still digging deep to drive to away games Ban on sale of new petrol and diesel cars delayed Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate still on the cards More than 11 million parking tickets issued on private land last year Road deaths remain stubbornly high EV sales targets confirmed DriveFit pre-driver education intervention wins a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award Fuel thefts surge 77% in a year  Teenagers can’t be shocked into becoming safer drivers Extra £8.3 billion to fill in English potholes Nearly one million pure EVs on UK roads Joining the data dots to reduce road deaths More than one in six jobs require applicants to be able to drive DriveFit 2.0 project secures funding to enhance road safety education for young drivers Budget reaction Traffic delays rise as M25 set to close Private parking provisions still not put into practice Potholes becoming bottomless money pits Time to put road maintenance over enhancement Changing weather patterns worrying bridge engineers EV revolution failed by poor mobile phone signals at chargepoints Manufacturers to miss electric car sales targets Four priorities for road safety
Weekly fuel fact sheet Council parking revenue in England 2022-23 Reviewing the approved mileage allowance payment Substandard road bridges in Great Britain - 2021 data Fuel duty decline - a technical note New road vehicle CO2 emissions - response to DfT green paper Substandard road bridges in Great Britain - 2020 data Vehicle Excise Duty - response to HM Treasury call for evidence Transport poverty 2018-19 Substandard road bridges in Great Britain - 2019 data Transport poverty 2017-18 Access to supermarket fuel Council bridge maintenance backlog grows Local roads funding and governance - TSC inquiry response Budget 2018 representation to HM Treasury Major Road Network - DfT consultation response Transport poverty 2016-17 Substandard council bridges on the rise RACF contributes to winning Wolfson prize entry Motor insurance premiums for young drivers in the UK and Europe
Delivering a connected future for motoring Is it necessary to reduce car mileage to meet our carbon emission goals? Plug-in vehicle fact sheet An electrifying trip around Scotland Ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars - response to the DfT consultation EV fuel costs for a set journey Development of the UK public chargepoint network Scrappage for equality The impact of introducing E10 petrol Scottish chargepoint usage 2017 MOToring Along Ultra-low emission vehicle infrastructure Early start of London ULEZ - TfL consultation response Improving air quality - Defra/DfT consultation response Electric cars - BEIS consultation response Could a targeted diesel scrappage scheme work? Road transport and air pollution - where are we now? Would a national diesel scrappage scheme work? Charge point availability on strategic roads Air quality and road transport
Old dogs and new tricks - an electrifying trip Driving as an employment qualification - 2024 Driven by information revisited Young people and driving survey Development and deployment of self-driving vehicles Looking to the future by connecting to the past Standing still Council parking revenue in England 2019-20 Car clubs Parking code enforcement framework - response to the MHCLG consultation Driven by information Future mobility for rural communities New car mileage Council parking revenue in England 2018-19 Council parking revenue in England – budget 2019-20 Council parking revenue in Scotland 2017-18 Council response times to potholes Council parking revenue in England 2017-18 Council parking revenue in Wales 2017-18 Driving as an employment qualification - 2018 update
Joining the data dots to reduce road deaths Empowering young drivers with road safety education Changes to the MOT system - response to the DfT consultation Rural road segmentation research Speed offence detection and disposal 2021 Supporting new drivers in Great Britain Road collision investigation project: Development of taxonomies and meta-analysis Road collision investigation project final report Speed offence detection and disposal 2020-21 A comparison of virtual reality and non-virtual reality approaches to hazard perception training & testing Speed offence detection and disposal 2019-20 Reproducible road safety research with R International review of road collision investigation approaches Driver training for future automated vehicles Roads policing: back to the future? Roads policing review - response to the DfT call for evidence Young driver fact sheet Supporting older driver mobility Effectiveness of UK road safety behaviour change interventions Keeping young drivers safe during early licensure
Car and van availability Parking company requests for DVLA data Motoring price index Transport price index EU diesel prices EU petrol prices VED revenue Fuel duty revenue Amount of UK pump price which is tax Percentage of UK pump price which is tax UK petrol and diesel consumption The cost of filling up Price of bio fuel v fossil fuel Oil price over time Petrol-diesel pump price difference Pump prices over time Wholesale fuel prices v pump prices Daily pump prices Green Fleet Index Plug-in vehicles on the road Pump prices by brand
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