Green Fleet Index

The Green Fleet Index (GFI) is the estimated percentage of total car miles driven by wholly zero-emissions-at-the-tailpipe cars in the UK, calculated every quarter. After each quarter-end the index is updated using the latest DVLA vehicle records to determine ZEVs on the road and the last two years of MOT test records to determine miles driven by age of car and fuel type.

Combined, this indicates how many of the miles covered by UK cars are driven by zero tailpipe emissions cars. It shows progress towards what RAC Foundation research indicates is the minimum proportion of zero tailpipe emission car mileage necessary by the end of 2030 to meet targets for carbon reduction from cars.

Below the main GFI chart we provide additional charts with supplementary information on aspects of the UK car fleet that contribute to the GFI itself and the projected necessary values for 2030.

This chart shows, on the left, the current proportion of the car fleet that is zero emissions at the tailpipe (fully battery electric or hydrogen). On the right is the predicted minimum fleet composition of 35% zero emissions at the tailpipe cars which is required to meet the climate target.

The next chart shows new battery electric car registrations by quarter as a percentage of total car sales.

This chart shows the new battery electric car registrations by quarter as an absolute number.

The following chart shows the average age of the UK car fleet since 1997, as calculated at the end of each calendar year.

This chart shows the percentage of the UK car fleet that aged over 13 years old.

Here we plot the progress made on reducing carbon emissions from cars by fuel type and in total.