Edmund King leaves RAC Foundation10 Dec 2007

The RAC Foundation announces today (10) that its Executive Director, Edmund King, will be leaving the Foundation at the end of the year to take up a new appointment.


King became the first director of the RAC Foundation in 1999 after the demerger and sale of the RAC. Since then the Foundation has built a reputation as one of the best transport think tanks and campaigning bodies. Ground-breaking research has included “Motoring towards 2050”, “Civilising Cities”,” Parking in transport policy”, “Shopping and transport”, “Business Travel” and most recently “Roads and Reality”.


In terms of campaigns, the Foundation has been active on issues such as regulation of streetworks, environmental issues, wheelclamping on private land, drug driving, clutter caused by too many signs and the international Make Roads Safe campaign with the FIA Foundation.


RAC Foundation Chairman, David Holmes CB, said: “We are sorry to see Edmund go as he has been an outstanding director and leader of the Foundation over the last eight years. We wish Edmund well for the future.

“He and my predecessor Sir Christopher Foster helped to establish the Foundation as an influential and respected research and campaigning body. Our latest report “Roads and Reality” maintains the Foundation’s leading position in the debate on the future of transport in this country. We are planning a forward programme of work which will build on this.”


Edmund King said;” It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work for the Foundation. Our staff, chairmen, trustees and policy committee have all been an inspiration to work with over the years and I shall miss them.”


Sheila Rainger, head of campaigns, will become acting director until a permanent appointment is made.