Driving home for Christmas17 Dec 2008

Top to toe in tailbacks. An all too familiar sight for drivers over the Christmas break, as they try to call by on friends and family across the country to share the festive cheer.

This busy schedule can sometimes place unrealistic pressure on drivers who are expected to cover miles of often congested roads within just a few days. Such a hectic timeframe can lead to dangerous driving conditions in the form of driving tired, speeding and driving over the legal drink drive limit. Failing to take into account heavier loads by way of more passengers and a boot full of Christmas presents will also affect stopping distances- a major concern when teamed with icy roads.

Fiona Coyne, Research Assistant at the RAC Foundation says:

“Those with family and friends scattered across the country often find themselves overstretched at Christmas, as they try to drive large distances within a short space of time without sufficient rest in between.

Leaving plenty of time to reach your destination is also a crucial point to consider, so that you do not fall into the trap of speeding.

Keeping to a strict no- alcohol rule is a definite must for the designated driver this Christmas.”