Gwyneth Dunwoody MP big loss to transport debate18 Apr 2008

The news of the death of Miss Gwyneth Dunwoody MP has been met with great sadness at the Royal Automobile Club Foundation. She was much respected in the transport world as the chair of the House of Commons’ transport select committee and as an authority on all matters to do with transport, particularly the national road safety debate.

Members of the RAC Foundation have often been called to give evidence on matters to do with motoring in front of Miss Dunwoody. Although rarely given a comfortable ride by the chair, everyone respected her integrity and profound knowledge of all aspects of this important area of government policy.

The RAC Foundation chairman, David Holmes, said,

“Gwyneth Dunwoody will be remembered by the RAC Foundation for her enormous contribution to the transport debate, particularly for her attention to the safety of the road network.

“She had the great gifts of commonsense and sympathy with all users of transport – road, rail and air – alike.

“An invitation to give evidence in front of her was always welcome, never as an easy ride but always as a guarantee of a rigorous examination.

“Her ability to formulate searching questions and to quash any attempt to prevaricate and waffle to her committee are legendary and she will be much missed by many serious commentators in the field of transport.”