Holes in the road – an entrenched problem30 Apr 2009

Commenting on the launch of the 14th Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) Survey* Philip Gomm, Head of External Communications at the RAC Foundation said:

“Sadly the results are no surprise to the nation’s motorists who on a daily basis have to weave between the endless potholes and workmen’s trenches on our roads.”

“What gives the survey compelling authority is that it has been compiled by those who know the state of the roads best – the highway engineers working for local councils.”

“Perhaps most depressing of all is the thirteen year backlog of maintenance work waiting to be done. Drivers contribute some £46 billion a year to the Exchequer, yet given the state of so many roads they are left wondering what exactly they are getting back.”**

“With local government finances under mounting pressure the fear is that yet again the funds earmarked for road repairs will simply get swallowed up by other services. If road defects are not put right quickly, they rapidly get more serious – and more expensive to fix. A pothole-strewn road network is not good for the economy. Poorly maintained roads simply lead to more congestion and less productive use of people’s time.”


* Survey published today (30) by the Asphalt Industry Alliance.

** This figure comes from the 2008/9 Road Users’ Alliance survey and incorporates fuel tax, VED, VAT on vehicles, VAT on fuel and company car tax.