One hundred pounds for a tank of diesel31 May 2022

Pump prices continue to push higher

Millions of drivers are now paying £100 or more to fill up their cars, new data suggests.Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) figures show that the average price of diesel in the UK was 182.4p per litre on Monday, up 1.2p on the week, meaning the cost of filling a car wth a normal 55-litre fuel tank is now £100.32, and often more.

Petrol prices were up 2.9p over the same time period up to 170.4p.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said:

“Millions of drivers will now be faced with a bill of £100 or more to fill up their cars.

“While many drivers will sensibly be seeking to maximise their miles per gallon by going easy on the throttle, the risk now is that some might misjudge the difference between running low and running out in the hope that tomorrow’s prices will be lower.

“But we wouldn’t bet against the pain increasing further, with oil pushing up above the 120 US dollars a barrel mark and the wholesale price of petrol still rising.”

Despite the 5p reduction in fuel duty which the chancellor announced on 23 March, shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Treasury is still collecting nearly 50% of what motorists pay at the pump in taxation, a mixture of duty (currently 52.95p per litre) and VAT which is applied to both the duty and the underying cost of the product.



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