Road deaths remain stubbornly high28 Sep 2023

Some 1,711 fatalities in Britain in 2022.

An estimated 1,711 people died on Britain’s roads in 2022, according to the Department for Transport.

A further 28,031 people were seriously injured.

The fatality is 2% down on the 1,752 figure for 2019, but almost identical to the 1,713 killed in 2013.

Deaths were markedly down in 2020 (1,460) and 2021 (1,588) but this was because of travel restrictions due to Covid.

When it comes to fatality rates, just over 5 people were killed per billion vehicle miles in 2022, slightly more than in 2019.

Of those who died in 2022:

  • 788 were car occupants
  • 385 pedestrians
  • 350 motorcyclists
  • 91 cyclists
  • 40 light goods vehicle occupants
  • 31 other vehicle (including e-scooters) occupants
  • 23 heavy goods vehicle occupants
  • 3 bus or coach occupants

Of the car occupants who died, 21% were not wearing a seat belt.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said:

“It is hugely disappointing to see the numbers of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads drifting – it seems inexorably – back up to their pre-pandemic levels.

“If we are ever to get to the bottom of how to reduce the ongoing devastation caused by road traffic collisions it will be by improving our understanding of the root causes and pursuing policies that target them – hence our plea for a dedicated investigation unit to be established mirroring those for maritime, aviation and rail.”

The RAC Foundation previously ran a three-year road collision investigation branch pilot project involving three police force areas.

In June 2022 the government published a response to a consultation on the setting up on what it called a road safety investigation branch.



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