Signs and lines13 Oct 2011

Review points to the future

The RAC Foundation has broadly welcomed the publication of the Government’s Signing the Way Review which sets out a “policy framework for ensuring that the traffic sign system in Great Britain meets the future needs of all road users.”

Amongst the report recommendations are:

  • reducing the requirements for Secretary of State approvals of non-prescribed signing
  • setting a clear policy context for only placing traffic signs where they are required
  • providing thresholds below which it will be unnecessary to provide some repeater signs
  • provide new parking sign guidance that will empasise the benefit of providing simple restrictions and simple signing

Commenting on the Review, Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundaiton said:

“This report is based on two years of hard work and wide consultation. It contains a lot of good recommendations including the simplification of parking restriction signage and the removal of unnecessary street clutter, however one aspect will concern property owners. We regard our homes as our castles but this report suggests they could be used as display boards. Ministers must be careful before they decide to extend limited powers already available in some parts of London and risk alienating the public.”