Speed limiters to become mandatory27 Mar 2019

Change due in 2022

The European Parliament has provisionally approved the mandatory introduction of intelligent speed assistance (ISA) systems on new vehicle models from 2022.

According to the the EU, “ISA will provide a driver with feedback, based on maps and road sign observation, always when the speed limit is exceeded.”

ISA is one of several safety measures which the Parliament wants to see fitted as standard. Others include:

  • Automated emergency braking
  • Advanced driver distraction warning
  • Emergency lane keeping
  • Reversing detection system
  • Event data (black box) recorders
  • Alcoloks

Twenty five thousand people were killed on EU roads in 2017 and 135,000 injured. It is estimated ISA could reduce fatalities by as much as 20%.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said:

“The package of new requirements for road vehicle technology that the EU is developing has a number of interesting aspects; it’s not just about Intelligent Speed Assistance.

“Specifically on ISA, it is worth remembering that speed limits are there for a reason – to make our roads safer. Would we really be discussing whether observing any other laws put in place to protect our safety should be a matter for individual discretion?

“However, the possible introduction of ISA raises at least two questions. First, there are many miles of road in this country where the speed limit is far higher than the safe speed for a particular stretch – the limit is a maximum, not a target. Second, until we reach the point of full automation we need drivers to be awake, alert and in full control of their vehicle – the more we take the driving task away from them, the greater the risk that their minds will drift onto other things.”



Philip Gomm – Head of External Communications – RAC Foundation

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