Take a lift and share a cost09 Jun 2008

Motorists could save up to three quarters* of their rising fuel bills by taking or giving a ‘lift’ and ‘sharing’ the cost of their journey to work according to the Royal Automobile Club Foundation supporting National LiftShare day today (9).


Twenty-five million people commute daily to and from a fixed place of work, 71% of which commute by car**. Car sharing has the potential to reduce the financial, environmental and congestion costs associated with some of these 18 million work related journeys, where it is possible for people to be matched together.


A recent report*** on car sharing found that:


  • 61% of people have taken part in some form of car sharing
  • 1% were part of formal scheme
  • 25% of all car sharing is for work and business
  • Convenience is the key reason for car sharing given by 63%
  • 25% car share because cannot drive themselves
  • 7% car share for environmental reasons
  • 8% share to reduce road congestion
  • 2/3rd either contributed to the cost of the journey or returned the lift


Sheila Rainger, Deputy Director of the Royal Automobile Foundation said:


“In light of current high fuel prices, motorists should not overlook the potential benefits of car sharing, which can reduce the cost of their journeys by up to three quarters. National Liftshare day is the perfect opportunity to give it a try.


Car sharing is unlikely to be the answer for everyone, especially for those living in rural areas, but it is one option available to motorists who are looking for ways to take control of spiralling costs.”




Notes to editors:



* Based on optimum carshare of four people

** RAC Foundation (2007) The UK commute: Healthy or hazardous? An analysis of current commuting trends

*** DfT (2008) Public experiences of car sharing http://www.dft.gov.uk/162259/162469/221412/221513/322485/carshare2007.pdf