Transport biggest household cost bar none04 Dec 2012

Spending on fuel increases 15%

The largest single area of household expenditure in Britain is Transport.

Out of total weekly spending of £483.60, £65.70 goes on transport according to the latest figures in the ONS Family Spending Survey. However this does not include car insurance. If that is added then the figure goes up to £75.10

Analysis by the RAC Foundation – see PDF below – shows that the spending on fuels in 2011 was 15% more than in 2010.

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, said:

“This report couldn’t be more timely. If the chancellor needed even more proof of the impact of high fuel prices then here it is. Yet again the cost of getting about – and for most people most of the time that will be by car – is the single biggest area of household expenditure bar none. George Osborne must act to relieve struggling families of this massive burden.

“The situation is even worse than the headline figure suggests because car insurance is not included in the transport total. Factor that in and the true weekly cost of getting about is actually £75.10 – 15% of the total.

“Don’t forget that this survey is for all households. If you only looked at those with cars the transport spending would be even higher still.”



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