Tube strike comment09 Jun 2009

Responding to the strike on London Underground, Philip Gomm a spokesman for the RAC Foundation said:

“The chaos likely to be caused by the tube strike shows just how reliant many Londoners are on public transport. And what disruption can be caused when the system breaks down.”

“During the morning peak just 7% of journeys into central London are by car, yet already we can see the queues and jams on the roads.”

“Understandably a lot of people will be considering driving to work during the strike but waiving the congestion charge is likely to attract even more motorists into a packed capital and so add to the transport misery.”

“What the Foundation would like to see is some understanding from employers. Companies should be doing their utmost to allow people to work from home or at the very least have flexible start and end times.”

“After the 7/7 terror attacks all firms should have put contingency plans into place for those occasions when London grinds to a halt. We welcome the fact that TfL is laying on extra buses and it is vital they can get through the traffic.”