England's local roads: their condition and funding24 Nov 2015

In a hole. Local road spending at 13 year-low

Capital spending on local roads in England is at its lowest level for well over a decade.

In the last two financial years £1.8 billion has been spent annually on capital works which include road renewals and improvement. This is the lowest amount since 2001/2.

Much of the money for capital spending by councils comes from the Department for Transport in the form of the Highways Maintenance Block Grant but that fell by 18% in real terms between 2011/12 and 2014/15.

Other sources of funds for capital spending include borrowing and capital receipts.

English councils are responsible for maintaining 185,000 miles of local highways, 90% of which are minor roads.

Access to some 25 million properties is by local road.

Almost one in five (18%) miles of unclassified road is in need of maintenance, four times more than motorways and major A roads.

The condition of roads and pavements is routinely a major concern amongst voters when it comes to transport matters.

The analysis is contained in a report by transport consultant and RAC Foundation trustee David Bayliss: The Condition of England’s Local Roads and how they are Funded.