Charge point availability on strategic roads12 Feb 2016

72% of motorway service stations in England have EV charge point

Seventy service stations on England’s motorway network now have electric vehicle charge points. This equates to 72% of the 97 total. Of the 165 individual charge points, 92% are rapid, allowing batteries to be almost fully replenished in around 30 minutes.

RAC Foundation analysis of data from the publicly available, government established, National Charge Point Registry shows that an electric vehicle driver will now be no more than 20 miles from a service station charge point on 98% (1,831 miles out of 1,859 miles) of the motorway system in England. When the analysis is broadened out to the whole of the Strategic Road Network managed by Highways England – not just motorways but also major A roads – then 82% (3,845 miles out of 4,668 miles) of the system is within 20 miles of a charge point.

The roll out of the charging infrastructure means that Highways England are getting close to the £15 million promise made in the 2014 Autumn Statement that electric car drivers would never be “more than 20 miles from a charge point on the Strategic Road Network.”

The RAC Foundation analysis has not included charge points in locations other than on strategic roads.

The table below shows the charge point availability not just for England’s strategic roads but also those in Scotland and Wales.


Whole strategic road network
Total length of road % of network within 20 miles of charge point Total length of road % of network within 20 miles of charge point
England 1,859 98% 4,668 82%
Scotland 270 98% 1,963 28%
Wales 83 100% 1,044 45%
GB TOTAL 2,212 98% 7,675 63%