London draft transport strategy – Mayor's consultation response02 Oct 2017

"Ambitious" strategy must not put economy at risk

The RAC Foundation has welcomed Sadiq Khan’s ambitious draft transport strategy but is concerned that the target of dramatically reducing car journeys in the capital will be a “mighty challenge”.

The Mayor of London wants to cut the current 9.6 million car journeys per day down to 6.4 million per day by 2041.

Alongside this Mr Khan wants to also cut traffic by 6 million vehicle kilometres daily.

The targets are set against a backdrop of a projected population rise of 1.8 million, 1.2 million more jobs and a 20% increase in travel demand. 

In its response to the draft transport strategy the Foundation warns that even if such a fundamental shift is possible it could damage the economic prosperity of London.

“Many of the initiative in the strategy are light on the importance of commercial activity to the economic health of London, and, in turn, the extent to which that activity is road-based.

“Business to business traffic is important not just for London’s vibrant retail outlets but for the service economy, entertainment and catering, and for trades servicing commercial and domestic customers.”