Using Behaviour Change Techniques: Guidance for the road safety community26 Apr 2017

Guidance for the road safety community

Developing road safety interventions is an intensive and time-consuming activity and it is essential to develop interventions that work.

This guide by Dr Fiona Fylan was commissioned to pull together advice in one place with a step-by-step process for the design and delivery of interventions using behaviour change techniques. The report provides a practical guide following the RAC Foundation’s earlier publication ‘Young Driver Safety: A review of behaviour change techniques for future interventions’ by Dr Mark Sullman at Cranfield University, which highlighted what can be learnt from the use of behaviour change techniques in other areas of public health.

Most of the training we go through as drivers is understandably focused on the skills needed to control a vehicle rather than the attitudes brought to the task. We hope the report will provide an important resource for the road safety community to draw on as they develop interventions to improve the road safety record of the nation.