Speed offence detection and disposal 202130 Jan 2023

Please note that unlike previous versions of this annual report the data is presented by calendar year rather than financial year given an apparent change in the way it is published by the Home Office. 

There were 2,854,757 speeding offences detected in England and Wales in 2021.

Speeding offences made up 86% of total motoring related offences (excluding drink and drug driving) in 2021, according to analysis of government data by Doreen Lam of the RAC Foundation and Dr Adam Snow of Liverpool John Moores University.

The other 14% comprised such things as: licence, insurance and record keeping offences; careless driving; seat belt offences; use of a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving; neglect of traffic signs, directions and of pedestrian rights; and vehicle test condition offences.

The police force which detected the most speeding offences in 2021 was the Metropolitan Police (including City of London).

It was followed by: West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lincolnshire and Thames Valley.

In 2021, most speeding offences resulted in a speed awareness course (43%) or a fine (30%).

However, 476,384 offences detected (17% of the total) ended up being cancelled.