Drivers of older cars to pay £8 to enter Birmingham01 Jun 2021

New Clean Air Zone charging regime implemented

Drivers of older, more polluting cars, vans and taxis will have to pay £8 per day to drive into the centre of Birmingham with the introduction of a new Clean Air Zone, though the charge – due to be introduced today – has been postponed until 14 June.

The fee to enter the city will apply 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and will be levied on those people who drive vehicles with the highest emissions.

Only those drivers whose vehicles have a Euro 6 or better diesel engine, or a Euro 4 or better petrol engine, will be exempt.

People will be able to check which Euro emissions standard their car conforms with by using the government vehicle checker.

There will also be a £50 daily charge for non-compliant coaches, buses and HGVs.

The Clean Air Zone is within the A4540 Middleway (but not the Middleway itself).

The zone is one of a number being introduced and considered across the country though only a handful look to levy a charge on cars.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said:

“It is important that everyone used to driving into the centre of Birmingham understands that the charges apply 24/7 – the evenings and night-time aren’t free, which might catch some people working late shifts.

“An extra £40 per week could be quite a burden for people on low incomes driving older cars.

“We urge people expecting to drive into Birmingham to check whether their car is caught by the scheme, and to challenge the ruling if they think it’s wrong. Commuters and city centre businesses should also be checking whether they are eligible to apply for a temporary exemption.”



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