Manifesto 201004 May 2010

The road ahead - a transport policy for difficult times

In a world where government has very little money and tough spending choices have to be made, it is important that decisions on expenditure should be based on facts and not faith. Choices should be made on the basis of need and value for money. They must reflect the reality of most people’s daily lives.

This is as important in transport as anywhere else. And it is these considerations which lie at the heart of The Road Ahead, a transport policy for difficult times.

We believe the document’s importance and relevance will spread far beyond a general election.

If The Road Ahead does nothing else it will provide a reality check for those in positions of power and influence who still do not understand the predominance of private cars and road transport in the UK.

All of us live in a society where:

  • There are 28.5 million licensed cars
  • Four-fifths of the population live in a household with a car
  • 92% of all passenger transport takes place on the roads – just 7% is by rail
  • Road users contribute £47 billion to the Exchequer each year
  • Only £9 billion is spent annually on the roads
  • For every mile they travel, drivers contribute a net 4p to the Chancellor’s coffers
  • Passengers on local bus services cost the Treasury 6p per mile and rail passengers 21p per mile

For a more detailed view of the background, a projection of the future and some appropriate policies, then please see the full document below: