Data Driven 2020

Welcome to Data Driven 2020. Each year the RAC Foundation invites a range of experts to use their analytical skills and specialist tools to interrogate and interpret a whole host of transport-related datasets to provide a better understanding of the way we travel in the UK. Normally we meet in person to hear the results, but this year Covid-19 has forced the event online. Select from the videos below to hear our contributors talk about their projects.

Who uses the M25?

Who uses the M25? Where are people coming from and going to?

Spot the difference

Spot the difference Using computer vision to update road asset registers

Using machine learning to understand road collisions

Using machine learning to understand road collisions Identifying areas with similar road crash characteristics

The cost of network disruption

The cost of network disruption Looking at the impact of diesel spills on major roads

Travel during lockdown

Travel during lockdown Looking at the local picture

Car club data

Car club data A framework for sharing car club data with councils

Road casualty statistics

Road casualty statistics Changes to police-collected STATS19 crash data

The power of R

The power of R How statistical software means better road safety

Driven by information

Driven by information How to harness the benefits of connected vehicles