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Private parking, public concern 20 Feb 2015

Hundreds of thousands of drivers are likely to have been illegally penalised for overstaying their welcome whilst parking on private land.

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Pothole compensation 26 Jan 2015

Almost 50,000 drivers made claims against councils across Great Britain for damage caused to their vehicles by potholes in the last financial year. The 200 (out of a total of 207) local highways
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Use of EV charge points less than electric 17 Jan 2015

Many or London’s electric car charging units are going unused from month to month, official data suggests. Figures for June 2014 show that of the 905 units across the capital, only 324 were
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Millions more drivers to add to urban congestion 01 Dec 2014

Within twenty years there could be another seven million drivers in the UK. This means that if current trends persist, the total will leap from about 36 million to 43 million.
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£15 billion road investment 01 Dec 2014

The government has announced where much of the £15 billion road investment planned for the next parliament will be spent. 84 new schemes have been outlined.
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Informing the debate